Enjoy Optik on the Go

Choose from a selection of commercial free TV On Demand shows and movies.

  • Add another screen to your home and end fighting over the remote

  • Watch TV in any room you want

  • Take your shows with you and keep the kids entertained while you’re on the go

  • Watch shows and movies at the gym, in transit, or from a coffee shop

TELUS Optik on the Go

Set PVR recordings remotely

With Optik TV you can schedule and manage your HD PVR recordings when you’re away from home with a smartphone or any Internet-connected computer.

  • Quickly record any program you want on the go

  • Customized guide displays only the channels you are subscribed to

  • View full program and cast information

  • Search by program title, actors, new programs and/or HD programs

  • View your scheduled recordings and what you have already recorded

  • Set priority for scheduled recordings or delete existing recorded programs

Remote PVR Recording

Control TV with Kinect

With Kinect™ for Xbox 360® you can change channels, as well as play, pause, fast forward and rewind recorded TV and HD movies with the sound of your voice or the wave of your hand. It’s that easy. No remote required. Just say “Xbox” to reveal a series of voice commands.

  • What you need

    All you’ll need to get started is an Xbox 360 Starter Kit and an Xbox LIVE Gold membership. The starter kit includes a universal media remote control and all the necessary cables to get your Xbox 360 set-up as an additional digital box. And if you have a Kinect for your Xbox 360, you get the added features of gesture and voice control.

  • Doubles as a digital box

    You can also use your Xbox 360 as an additional Optik TV digital box, as well as record shows and access your existing PVR’s HD library, saving you money and space. When connected to a PVR, your Xbox 360 lets you watch recorded shows, set new recordings, as well as pause and replay live TV.

Xbox Kinect

Access over 100 HD channels

Since every TELUS digital box is HD-ready, and every Optik TV™ package includes HD channels, you can experience the thrill of HD right from the start. Additional sports, adventure and movie theme packs are just some of the programming you can watch on over 100 HD channels – more than local cable providers. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Crystal-clear picture

    HD delivers the best picture and the best viewing experience. You will see more details and enjoy a sharper, clearer and more vibrant picture than you would with standard definition TV.

  • True widescreen experience

    Watch your favourite shows on a widescreen picture that delivers movies and sports that better fit your TV screen, providing a more intense viewing experience.

  • Superior sound

    Enjoy rich, resonant 5.1 Dolby® Digital sound, creating a much more memorable, cinematic television experience.

  • Tons of HD content

    With more HD channels than cable, you’ll be able to catch your favourite shows in HD. You also get access to HD movies and live events with HD On Demand and HD Pay Per View.

  • 3D ready

    3D TV is here and taking entertainment to the next level. With Optik TV you are 3D ready, all you need is a 3D TV and glasses. TELUS provides select special 3D programming on channel 656 included in your Optik TV subscription. Also, check out our 3D On Demand movies through the On Demand menu.

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