The greatest challenge in protecting businesses’ sensitive data and individuals’ privacy is security risk. People engage in various activities daily such as shopping and banking using their mobile devices but are left with fear of who might have accessed their privacy. 

The above situation is where TELUS Online Security comes in handy by offering complete protection to provide you with peace of mind to carry out other activities.

TELUS Online Security 

This service is powered by Norton LifeLock and is the most comprehensive protection plan for mobile phones that Canada has. In this plan, online privacy protection, identity theft, and security breaches are covered.

The Hazards of Identity Theft

Identity theft cases are often ignored. Even so, it is a serious crime when it happens because of the devastating effects that it has on your financial and credit standing. 

With so many people performing online transactions, identity theft is rampant. The only way you can effectively prevent it is by engaging an online security solution.

Here are the serious effects that identity theft has:

  • Thieves accruing dents under your name
  • Damage to credit history
  • Manipulation of mortgage, loans, and employment
  • Major hitches with your financial institution
  • Interference with treatment and medical prescription
  • You have the burden of proving if your identity was stolen

Identity Theft Avoidance

Norton LifeLock protects your privacy data with the following features:

  • Norton 360 Device Security
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Dark web threat notifications
  • Credit Reports & Scores
  • Secure VPN
  • Identity theft management
  • Reimbursement coverage

Norton 360 Device Security

This feature protects your device against malicious intents and cybercriminals. It can recognize potential attacks early enough and thus alert you to take counter-attack steps before your device is compromised.

Credit Monitoring Alerts

This feature works by sending you an alert in case your credit file is altered. You can therefore take prompt action if you are not the person who made the change. These changes can be:

  • Strange account activity
  • Inquiries about your credit stand
  • New account opening under your name
  • Change of address or name to your credit card

Dark web threat notifications

The dark web is not easily accessible because it needs specialized software to access it. As a result of being untraceable and anonymous, cybercriminals usually target it. Criminals usually uncover an individual’s information and sell it on the dark web.

In case of such an incident, Norton LifeLock sends you notifications because it always monitors such activities. It will alert you whenever your private information is placed on the dark web. Furthermore, it will advise you on how to deal with this situation in case it recurs.

Credit Reports & Scores

This service will also help you in running credit reports so that you can check if there is any suspicious activity on your credit history.

Secure VPN

In a bid to protect your essential information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and any other financial detail, Norton helps in securing a Virtual Private Network. This VPN will enable you to browse the web incognito and also acquire bank-grade encryption as well as block any unwanted tracking.

Reimbursement coverage

This service is a convenient tool that enables users to select the best reimbursement plans according to their needs. Depending on the plan, the amount of coverage paid is different. 

If your case qualifies as an identity theft-related expense, the plan reimburses you according to the stipulated limits and conditions.

Identity theft management

Identity theft management is an essential aspect of online security that manages all your needs under one arm. TELUS Online Security handles any issue related to identity theft and does everything possible to ensure that you successfully recover your identity. This feature is enabled through the help of a trained identity restoration specialist who deals with an individual case and provides any assistance needed until you reach a resolution.


The online world is filled with risks and threats. Data protection is paramount in this day and age. It’s a good thing there are now advanced solutions like TELUS Online Security to upgrade our data security and help us browse and surf with maximum protection. Contact our sales specialist for more information on personal, TELUS EPP and business applications.

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