The TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) is a unique initiative designed to provide employees of partner companies with access to exclusive savings, offers, and customer service from TELUS. Through this program, companies partnering with TELUS offer their employees a range of benefits on TELUS products and services. This blog post explores the many advantages of the TELUS EPP for both employees and companies.

TELUS EPP: A Long-Term Partnership for Mutual Benefits

The TELUS EPP is designed to foster a long-term partnership between TELUS and participating companies. This partnership offers employees access to the latest deals on TELUS phones, plans, internet, home security, TV, and more. The benefits extend beyond individual savings to include improved employee satisfaction and increased value for companies that partner with TELUS.

Dedicated Account Management

Companies partnering with TELUS through the EPP receive dedicated account management. An account manager is assigned to help companies build awareness of the program among their employees and communicate its benefits. This personal touch ensures that employees have access to the latest TELUS devices and offers. The account manager is also responsible for keeping the company informed about ongoing promotions and helping resolve any issues that arise.

Who Is Eligible for the TELUS EPP?

Eligibility for the TELUS EPP is extended to employees of a selective list of companies and organizations. This list includes government organizations, banks, unions, realtors, corporations, and associations. The broad range of eligible companies and organizations ensures that many employees can benefit from the TELUS EPP. If you’re unsure whether your company is a partner, it’s worth checking with your HR department or Andres Wireless TELUS EPP representative.

Employee Cost Savings with TELUS Exclusive Partner Program

The TELUS EPP offers significant savings to employees and their families. One of the main benefits is special pricing on unlimited data plans, allowing employees to enjoy a more affordable wireless experience. Additionally, family members of eligible employees can also take advantage of these discounts, extending the program’s benefits to a wider circle.

Employer Benefits for Partnering with TELUS

Companies that partner with TELUS EPP gain several advantages, including improved employee satisfaction. When employees receive perks through their employers, such as TELUS EPP discounts, it can significantly boost morale and create a more positive work environment. These perks offer employees access to exclusive discounts on TELUS products and services, ranging from mobile plans and devices to home internet and television services. This not only helps employees save money on essential services but also makes them feel valued and appreciated by their employers.

By providing these valuable benefits, companies can foster a sense of loyalty and commitment among their workforce. Employees who feel recognized and rewarded are more likely to be engaged in their work and motivated to perform at their best. This can lead to higher employee retention, as satisfied employees are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. In addition, a positive work environment where employees feel cared for can enhance teamwork and collaboration, further contributing to the overall productivity of the organization.

Benefits of Joining the TELUS EPP

The TELUS EPP offers a range of benefits to employees and their families. Here are some of the key advantages:

– Discount on the Latest Phones: TELUS EPP offers exclusive deals on popular devices, including iPhones, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy phones. Employees can access these discounts to upgrade their devices at a reduced cost.

– Monthly Plan Discounts: TELUS EPP provides special ongoing discounts on monthly wireless plans. This benefit can lead to significant cost savings over time.

– Anytime Access to Promotions: TELUS EPP members can access ongoing promotions and discounts through the Andres Wireless EPP website. This flexibility allows employees to shop online and choose delivery or pick-up options that suit them best.

– Bring-it-Back Opportunities: Combining the TELUS EPP with the TELUS Bring-it-Back program can further reduce costs for members. With Bring-it-Back, employees can get a new device with little to no upfront cost, providing flexibility and more savings.

– Dependable Customer Service: TELUS EPP members have access to dedicated customer service professionals who can assist with account-related issues and questions. This support ensures that employees receive the help they need promptly.

Final Thoughts

The TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) is a valuable initiative that offers a wide range of benefits for employees and companies alike. With exclusive discounts on the latest phones, reduced monthly wireless plans, and dedicated customer service, the TELUS EPP is designed to meet the needs of modern employees. By partnering with TELUS, companies can boost employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and enhance the overall work environment.

To learn more about the TELUS EPP and determine if your company is a partner, contact your HR department or a Andres Wireless TELUS representative. Embrace the benefits of the TELUS EPP and start enjoying cost savings, exclusive deals, and improved customer service.

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