We have been so keen on protecting our physical belongings that we sometimes forget our most important asset: our personal information. Nowadays, people have started using the Internet more and more because of the ongoing pandemic. Because of that, the number of cybercriminals has significantly increased. This means that our personal and financial data is in dire crisis at the moment. Without any protection, our personal information could get easily compromised, or worse, stolen.

This is specifically why TELUS Online Security has been made. Our tool here not only protects your information but your whole family as well. It won’t really matter what you will be doing online. As long as you have this tool with you, you will be safe from whatever dangers lurk on the Internet. This tool offers tons of features that may prove quite useful in maintaining your security.

Here are the different features that you can expect from TELUS Online Security:

  • Protects Different Devices from Cyber Threats

Our lives have totally changed because of the pandemic. Many people are now using the Internet for their regular activities such as shopping, entertainment, gambling, and even working. Because of such a case, cybercriminals have started to look into ways that they can take advantage of this situation. Most people are not even aware that their information is in jeopardy.

Thanks to TELUS Online Security, people have a way now that they can protect their personal data. Not only will this tool work on computers, but it will also work on phones and tablets. Your devices will now be more secure from potential threats such as viruses, spyware, and other types of malware. Our tool works by monitoring and blocking potential threats to your information.

  • Protecting your Personal Data

Many people actually forget that their personal data can easily be stolen, especially if they have done any transactions online. Our personal data is very important because, if compromised, it could result in identity theft, illegal use of our credit cards or bank account, and even blackmail.

One feature added to TELUS Online Security is the Norton Secure VPN, which makes you anonymous online and will also protect your vital information online. With our tool here, you will no longer have to feel any worries in regards to your credit cards, passwords, and other important details.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

The TELUS Online Security has a feature called Dark Web Monitoring which, as the name suggests, will monitor the dark web for you just in case your personal data is out there. Almost all of the illegal activities on the Internet can actually be traced back to the dark web. If your information is floating in there, you could be another victim of identity theft.

TELUS Online Security will always be on the lookout in case your information is currently floating somewhere on the dark web. If so, you will be notified immediately so that you may act upon what is necessary as soon as possible.

  • Personal Expense Reimbursement

Most victims of cyber threats such as identity theft don’t really know what to do after they have found out that their information is being used without their consent. But, with TELUS Online Security, you will be guided on how to deal with such a problem.

TELUS specialist in the field of identity restoration will be assigned to your case so that they can guide you on what to do next. You will also be covered in the Personal Expense Reimbursement and Coverage for Lawyers and Experts. Depending on your plan subscription, you could be covered for around $25 thousand to about $1 million.

Final Words

 People usually don’t bother with their cybersecurity because they think it isn’t that important. Still, on the contrary, it is the most important asset you have on the Internet. Preventing criminals from accessing your information is so much better than dealing with problems such as stolen credit card numbers, identity theft, or viruses. TELUS Online security comes with three different plans that you can subscribe to. Each plan can cater to whatever your needs will be.

The Internet is indeed a fantastic place filled with wonders and awe, but danger also lurks everywhere. Even though cyber threats can be quite daunting, all those fears and worries will eventually disappear if you have TELUS Online Security.


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