Many of us are already familiar with iPads for Personal or TELUS EPP use . Some of us have heard about it, some of us have seen other people use it, and some of us may even have been regularly using it to study and make our personal lives easier.

But, do you know that, with the right accessories and applications installed, an iPad can also be a very beneficial tool to boost our business productivity? If you never thought about it, we will show you how through the sections below!

Apple iPad Accessories to Increase Productivity

There are a lot of tasks involved in running a small or medium business. Luckily, when you have the right accessories on hand, you can easily tackle those tasks and complete multiple commercial chores. 

Here are our recommendations for the best tools and accessories to get for your TELUS Apple tablet.

Apple Smart Folio Keyboard

Apple has created a range of Smart Folio Keyboards for its iPad series, so, whichever device you have, you should be able to find a suitable one. All of these case-and-keyboard combos do not need pairing and charging, so you can use any of them immediately once they are attached to your Apple tablet.

Apple Smart Folio Case

This one is a more suitable option for your Apple tablet if you don’t do a lot of writing. The Apple Smart Folio Case is lightweight and has a soft touch. Even so, it is fairly durable and will do a good job of protecting your iPad from daily wear and tear.

Apple Pencil

If you are an illustrator or an artist looking for a tool that will provide you with the sensation of using a regular pen on an iPad, then you should get an Apple pencil. To give the most realistic effect possible, the Apple device can detect different hand pressure intensities and different tilting levels. Even if you don’t draw, the gesture functionalities can also be very helpful.

POS System for Small Business

This is the best way to turn your iPad into an ultimate productivity hub. When you integrate the device with a POS system, you will be able to process and monitor multiple commercial procedures and see how well your business (and employees) perform over time.

Must-Try iPad Applications to Boost Work Performance

Thanks to the rising popularity of iPads as a productivity device, developers from around the world have made and developed a wide range of applications to enhance business performance and optimize commercial processes. 

To make it easier for you to choose from the thousands of offered iPad applications, we have made the list below.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This mobile version of Microsoft Office Suite allows you to do numerous essential things like creating, editing, and sharing documents. You can also collaborate on them with your contacts.


To further enhance your work efficiency, you can use this cloud storage service from Microsoft. You will get free 5GB of storage when you sign up for the service and you can get more by buying the paid plan.


This iPad app has become a mainstay in a lot of offices and organizations. This is mainly thanks to its ability to become a wonderful platform where people may exchange chat messages and arrange virtual meetings.


Are you looking for a reliable project management app? Then you should check out Trello! This one allows you to assign different tasks to different people all while keeping everyone on the project development.


CamCard is a must-have application for sales representatives and field professionals. Its ability to record, save, and edit business cards has been proven to be very helpful, especially for those who work in areas where business card exchanges are still common.


When it comes to tools that let people review and sign multiple documents digitally, DocuSign is relatively unbeatable. You can also use this app to ask others to sign a document.

The Takeaway

Are you now convinced that only by getting the right accessories and installing the appropriate applications you can turn your iPad into a wonderful business tool? While the device may not make you completely abandon the good old desktop computer, it can definitely add practicality and convenience to your business processes.

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