The TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) is designed to give company employees access to better savings, offers, and customer service. Companies that pursue the interest of their employees through a partnership agreement with TELUS build value for themselves.

The program is developed to build a long-term partnership between your company and TELUS. This will ensure employees in your company receive the latest TELUS EPP offers and deals for  new phones, plans, internet, home security, TV and more. 

Your company will have an account manager for TELUS EPP to help build awareness and communicate the program’s benefits. The account manager will also ensure your company employees have access to the latest devices and offers from TELUS.

Who is eligible for the TELUS EPP? 

Employees of a selective list of companies and organizations are eligible to participate in the TELUS EPP. This includes government organizations, banks, unions, realtors, corporations, and associations. This should give you an idea of the companies and organizations whose employees might be qualified to join. It does, however, include more, making it an exhaustive list.

Find Out if Your Company is already Partnering with TELUS.

Do you need to find out if your organization is already a member of TELUS EPP? Your organization may be an exclusive partner without you being aware. Within large businesses, the benefits of employees with TELUS EPP can sometimes be overlooked.

However, if you find out that your company is already a member, this could be a game changer for you. You will be entitled to significant discounts, savings, and deals for your membership. Besides, it can be an opportunity to get the new smartphone you have desired for a long time at a lower price and with reduced monthly wireless plans. 

Employee Costs Savings with TELUS Exclusive Partner Program

The TELUS Exclusive Partner Program is also known as the Employee Purchasing Program. With the EPP, employees and their family members can enjoy special discounts such as special pricing on unlimited data plans. Family members are also entitled to take advantage of these deals and offers.

Employer Benefits for Partnering with TELUS

Companies have great benefits from being a TELUS Exclusive Partner. Allowing employees to have personal cell phones can have substantial savings on costs. Companies can also cut costs and boost profits from discounts on mobile devices and plans they are using already.

In addition, the benefits workers get from their employers through the TELUS EPP can vastly improve workers’ satisfaction. It can also enhance the work environment.

What Are Your Benefits of Joining the TELUS EPP?

There are many benefits for the organization: 

  • Discount on the latest TELUS phones including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy
  • Exclusive discount monthly plans
  • Anytime access
  • Bring-it Back savings 
  • Dependable customer service

Discount on the latest TELUS phones 

TELUS EPP offers ongoing deals and promotions on the latest iPhones, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy phones. This also includes discounts and exclusive deals on monthly plans for a continuous value.

Monthly Discounts

One of the best benefits for EPP members is continued savings every month. A reduction in the monthly wireless plan is also available to members.

Anytime Access

Members can access ongoing promotions anytime by using the Andres Wireless EPP website to shop, offering a simple and convenient experience. You can choose whether to receive your online order at your doorstep or at a pickup station.

Bring-it-Back Opportunities

Combining the TELUS Partner Program with the TELUS Bring-it-Back program will optimize cost reduction for members. With the Bring-it-Back program, you can purchase a new device at no cost upfront. Employees can also upgrade their existing TELUS smartphones at little to no cost.

Dependable Customer Service

If you have any issues or questions with your account, a dependable team of Andres Wireless TELUS customer service professionals will help you out effectively and timely.

TELUS is committed to making life easy through its Exclusive Partner Program. With discounts, special offers and promotions, TELUS helps employees and companies acquire their desired cell phones and save money on monthly plans.

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