Now that we’ve entered the Digital Age, where almost everyone has a phone and works from home, there is also a need for a more efficient way of communicating. With the advancements made in technology, everyone can have access to a solid and more effective connection that ultimately ensures a company’s success.

In this article, we will discuss one of the latest tools in improving communication the
TELUS Business Connect.

What is TELUS Business Connect, and How Does it Help in Communication?

The TELUS Business Connect is an affordable business phone and collaboration system from TELUS. It provides an updated system that promises an upgrade in your experience with your own Internet Connection and communication tools. By using the TELUS Business Connect, you can communicate with your team, customers and suppliers, even at the comfort of your own home, anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, TELUS Business Connect provides an upgraded experience with the audio and video calling. With Business Connect, these tools can be used to assure that you never lose access to the people you want to and need to contact.

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The Technology Behind the TELUS Business Connect

The TELUS Business Connect platform is based on the VoIP technology or the Voice over Internet Protocol. It works by creating changes to your analog phone data and converting the said data into data compatible with any of the devices you use.

This VoIP makes sure that you can make business phone calls and use advanced communication tools platforms over your internet. Thus, as long as you have a working internet connection, your VoIP phone system ensures that you can communicate with anyone effectively.

Benefits of using the VoIP phone system:

Your call quality (audio and video) will be improved
Your security system will be upgraded as well
The hardware costs will be lessened
Its operational costs are affordable
The VoIP phone system is compatible with a wide range of devices
The video and audio experience will be upgraded
No more fees for long-distance calls
Hassle-free installation
You can also customize it according to your needs
It is easy to maintain and adjust according to what you need

The Advantages of Using TELUS Business Connect

Now that the VoIP technology is combined with the TELUS Business Connect, your phone system will get much more benefits and advantages than any of the two alone. Moreover, you’ll quickly notice all the improvements and changes once you use the Business Connect in your work or office.

Business Connect not only improves your company’s phone systems, but as a worker who’s always on the go, this can easily keep up with all your needs and demands.

With this being said, using Business Connect creates a different positive attitude from your employees because they have the flexibility to connect anywhere, anytime.

Once you acquire the service of the TELUS Business Connect, you’ll definitely receive some benefits. Some of these benefits include:


Your company will work well because of the fewer or close to no disruptions from your phone systems. You’ll get more customers, more productive work hours for your employees, and your employees will be able to prioritize central calls and tasks.

With Business Connect, any business phone calls will automatically be transferred to any devices available. With this, your employees can focus on your priorities and delegate different tasks.


The Business Connect is a sure investment. This will help companies and businesses receive more profits and reduce costs for maintenance. The combination of the features of the Business Connect with the VoIP will automatically rid of wasteful resources.


The TELUS can connect with different devices including Apple and Android phones, laptops and many VoIP handsets.