When it comes to managing your vehicles and other valuable assets, you are not likely to find a more comprehensive and effective platform than TELUS Fleet Complete. GPS tracking makes it easy and convenient to monitor real time vehicle status and location, employee hours, driving behaviours, and overall procedures.

Minimize Loss

Increasing the visibility of your vehicles, equipment, cargo containers, and other items helps reduce theft, loss, and unauthorized use. Plus, knowing where your employees are and what they are doing helps ensure the right driver is matched with the job, and minimizes extended breaks, personal errands in the company vehicle, and unreported side jobs. 

Maximize Efficiency

Improve productivity and customer service with faster response times, route optimization, and real time vehicle visibility. Bad driving habits are extremely hard on vehicles and fuel costs. For example, speeding significantly increases fuel consumption, the risk of accidents, and tire wear resulting in premature replacements. Notifications for regularly scheduled maintenance keep vehicles running in optimal condition, reducing the need for costly repairs and increasing quality and longevity.

TELUS Fleet Management Features

The intuitive cloud-based platform is designed to improve communication, security, and efficiency for your vehicles and employees. Fleet Management solution includes: 

  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS HoS Tracker

TELUS Fleet Tracker

GPS fleet tracking is remarkably useful for keeping a close eye on your company vehicles. It is an effective tool for improving daily productivity with the capacity for better communication between drivers, dispatch, and customers. Providing customers with realistic estimates for deliveries and completed jobs enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

TELUS Fleet Tracker features include:

  • The ability to track the location, speed, and direction of vehicles in real time
  • Provides vehicle data regarding status and required maintenance
  • Connection in remote areas where cell service may not be available
  • Track driver behaviors to reduce speeding, idling, rapid acceleration, abrupt stops, aggressive cornering

TELUS Asset Tracker

This is a great feature for monitoring other assets important to your business that are not necessarily vehicles. For instance, it is ideal for managing machinery, heavy equipment, cargo containers, shipped packages, and temporary work trailers.

TELUS Asset Tracker features include:

  • Assets are tracked using a GPS device 
  • The device has an extraordinarily long-lasting battery that runs for up to 3 years on a single charge
  • Motion sensors provide real time notifications whenever an asset is on the move
  • Minimizes theft and unauthorized use

TELUS HoS Tracker

Managing employee hours and activities is simple and straightforward. Hours worked are automatically logged electronically to provide a detailed record in case it needs to be referenced. This helps make sure employee time sheets are accurate, preventing disputes and employees inflating the number of hours worked.

TELUS HoS features include:

  • Electronic logs for driver hours
  • Provides insight into which drivers are available for current jobs
  • Audit-ready reporting for roadside inspections
  • Facilitates vehicle inspection reports
  • Complies with US ELD regulations
  • Monitoring and communication with remote workers

Business Benefits of TELUS Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Tracking delivers some amazing advantages for businesses of all sizes. Some of the impressive benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security
    • Reduce loss, theft, and unauthorized use
    • Improved safety for drivers
  • More Effective Communication
    • Better communication between drivers, dispatch, and customers
    • Confirm work orders and estimates at the job site
    • Optimize job and task assignment
    • Stay in contact with remote workers
  • Data Analysis
    • Monitor driving habits, fuel consumption, vehicle status
    • Optimize route selection
    • Track arrival and departure times
    • Schedule routine maintenance
  • Improved Customer Service
    • Provide realistic estimates for deliveries and job completion
    • Give real time updates for any obstacles or complications that may occur
    • Optimize task efficiency by selecting the right worker for the job

To learn more about Fleet Management and GPS Tracking solutions, contact Andre’s Wireless Solutions Specialist.   

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